SpD Wide Footpegs. 1978-'80 CR250

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The lightest, strongest, grippy-est (is that a word!!??) best fitting peg available for your Red Rocket!
CNC lazer cut and bent outer cages, with CNC machined pivot bosses. All in super strong, stainless steel.
Designed specifically to fit the 1978-80 CR250.
Unlike some other pegs available for the Rocket, these retain the original ergonomics and peg height. They don't move your feet forward, they don't raise the peg platform. You won't need goat hooves to change gear or have double jointed ankles to reach the rear brake pedal.
They don't require any modification, no grinding or cutting, and they have the stops in the correct place so they won't hit your frame when they fold up. 
OEM Honda and our own SpD stainless springs fit perfectly. 
We also made sure that they fitted into original Honda brackets without any modification.
To make absolutely, 100% sure that the fitment is perfect, we scoured the globe for a matching pair of NOS brackets!! The pics show them fitted in these NOS brackets. (Yes, we are working on new, matching brackets as well!)
They sit flat and straight, they don't droop, they don't point forward, one isn't further forward than the other, in fact they look and fit EXACTLY as they are supposed to!!
PLEASE NOTE! We can not guarantee that they will fit with other suppliers brackets. 

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Since SpD Factory
Developments began, the Company ethos has remained unchanged – ‘Superb quality and nothing less’. Every item that we manufacture or product that we market from other manufacturers must answer one simple question – “Would we be proud to put that on our own bike?”. If the answer is no then we don’t sell it.



In a word, superb! With attention to detail even on a plain old bolt! Very happy with results and well worth the wait.

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Great, professional guys to work with and buy from. Really know their stuff when it comes to bikes! Would highly recommend.

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