Front Chain Roller Assembly

Front Chain Roller Assembly

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An original PDE design.

Chain rollers lead a hard life. Hung out in the breeze, getting all the muck and filth the track can throw at it, getting that muck pushed into the bearings by the jetwash,being left unlubricated, and getting hammered by the chain thrashing round every time the bike is ridden. Is it any wonder the roller bearings become rough, noisy and seize up so easily!

We chose to use a simple "low tech" solution to this problem, a high tensile 431 Stainless steel bush inside a hard wearing nylon roller. Easliy cleaned, and lubricated with a squirt of WD40!

Sometimes a simple solution, is the best solution!

Why not finish it off properly with our chain roller mounting bolt, Its a perfect match!

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Developments began, the Company ethos has remained unchanged – ‘Superb quality and nothing less’. Every item that we manufacture or product that we market from other manufacturers must answer one simple question – “Would we be proud to put that on our own bike?”. If the answer is no then we don’t sell it.



In a word, superb! With attention to detail even on a plain old bolt! Very happy with results and well worth the wait.

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Great, professional guys to work with and buy from. Really know their stuff when it comes to bikes! Would highly recommend.

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